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Mark Raaphorst and the Art of Gliding

Stand Up Journal tells the story of the Ding King and master shaper himself, Mark Raaphorst, with the history of Ding Kings' creation and the evolution of how S.I.C. boards were developed in the article Mark Raaphorst and the Art of Gliding.  

Video Features

Show-up, stand-up, keep-up

S.I.C. has been building the world’s fastest, state of the art race boards since Standup Paddle has become a sport

Mark Raaphorst builds the fastest SUP racing equipment on the water, and here he is interviewed going over the design process for S.I.C. boards.  Set up an appointment at Ding King today today to work with Mark on your own custom SUP board.

Maliko Run

Watch the S.I.C. team on the Maliko Run.